Battery Upgrade For Evolve E-SkateBoards

Battery Upgrade For Evolve E-SkateBoards
Battery Upgrade For Evolve E-SkateBoards Battery Upgrade For Evolve E-SkateBoards
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Battery Upgrade For Evolve E-SkateBoards

-right now cells in stock are samsung 25R for 10AH battery, samsung 30Q for 12AH battery and samsung 35E for 14AH battery-

PROS OVER the original evolve battery pack:

* safer, made with high drain 18650 Samsung / LG cells / Sony/ Panasonic 

cells models: 

Samsung 18650 35E 3500mah 3C , Panasonic 18650GA 3500mah 3C, Samsung 30Q 3000mah 6C, LG HG2 3000mah 6C, Sumsung 25R 2500mah 8C, LG HE2/HE4 2500mah 8C. 

*20-40% milage upgrade (can do 20-40% distance then the original battery pack)

*less weight and size



Material: Li-Ion

Nominal Volt: 36V (3.6V)

Nominal Capacity: 12AH- 14AH
Weight: 2.3 kg
Dimension:(L*W*H): costumized to costumer request
Fully-charged pack voltage: 42V (4.1V)
Recommended cut-off voltage: 30V (3V)
Minimum voltage: 28V(2V) 
Standard charge Current: 5A
Continuous Discharge Current : up to 80A
Working Charge Temp :0~50°C
Working Discharge Temp: –20°C~50°C
Storage Temperature: –20°C~50°C
Circle life: 1000, cycles to 80% with 100% DOD under normal temperature 
Box contain:
1pc li-ion 36V12AH-14AH battery pack with inside BMS
Features of Lithum-Ion
(1)Safe technology of Li-Ion battery can protect the battery from catching fire or exploding.
(2)The Li-Ion battery has over 1500 discharge cycles life, compared with lead  acid battery which typically has only around 300 times. 
(3)Li-Ion battery has extremely low self discharge rate.  
(4)Li-Ion batteries is the most environmentally friendly battery. 
(5)Li-Ion is maintenance free.

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